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Police Residential Security Label (PKVW)

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PKVW aangepastThe requirements of the Police Residential Security Label (Politie Keurmerl Veilig Wonen) ensure that burglars need more time to enter a home. Homes with the PKVW certificate are up to 90% less likely to be burgled. Burglars are well aware which homes are hard to break into. They immediately recognize a PKVW home by its high-quality locks, clear lighting, and the PKVW sticker on the window. This police label makes your home safer and you may get a discount on your household insurance.

This security label is an important indication for your own safety and the safety of your property. Our burglary prevention advisor can tell you exactly which requirements need to be met and will give you advice about the appropriate steps to take. Lockforce can provide and install the necessary improvements. This ensures that the realization matches the recommendations.

Requirements for the PKVW certificate

In order to qualify for the PKVW Security certificate as a home owner or landlord, the home must meet a number of requirements with regard to burglary prevention and safety.

One requirement is that the home must be fitted with hinges and locks that meet the requirements for burglary prevention. Products with a SKG® (Stichting Kwaliteit Gevelbouw) or ‘V’ logo meet these requirements. The number of stars is also important, as this indicates the level of burglary prevention of the hinges and locks.

The requirements are:

  • Exterior lighting
  • Direct view on anybody at the door from entrance
  • Smoke detectors on every floor and in the right location

There are different requirement packages for the PKVW label for new buildings and for existing buildings.

How does an existing home qualify for the PKVW certificate?

PKVW steps for existing homes

Any house built longer than two years ago is regarded as an existing home. Existing homes qualify for the PKVW Security certificate by following these four steps.

Step 1
Ask Lockforce to assess points for improvement of your home.

Step 2
As a PKVW expert, Lockforce will offer advice and tips for prevention and will install the correct hinges and locks if necessary. Only implement the recommended measures yourself if you have sufficient experience.

Step 3
After your home has been approved, you will receive the PKVW Security certificate.

Step 4
Send a copy of the certificate to your insurance company and request a discount on your household insurance. Many insurance companies offer a discount for the duration of the validity of the certificate which is 10 years.

One of the key requirements for the PKVW certificate is the quality of the hinges and locks on doors, windows and skylights. onbeveiligde woningThe PKVW guidelines have resulted in a list of approved and certified locks (referred to as PKVW locks). These locks have high requirements with regard to burglary prevention showing the SKG® logo with 1 to 3 stars. Lockforce is an approved PKVW company for the delivery and installation of PKVW locks.

The base is important for the effectiveness of the PKVW lock. Options are available for different situations. As a certified PKVW company, Lockforce is happy to offer advice for your specific situation. This also applies for the use and maintenance of the PKVW locks.

Our range of PKVW locks

Different options are available e for hinges and locks that meet the standards of PKVW. There are additional options that will further enhance the safety of your home. An overview of the various possibilities below:

  • Safety locks
  • Rim locks
  • Mortise locks
  • Safety furnishing
  • Cylinders for a cylinder lock
  • Safety hinges and anti-lift pins
  • Anti-burglary strips
  • Door or window guards
  • Additional lock
  • Installation of glazing beads
  • Spyhole / camera

Our burglary prevention advisor is happy to visit you for a tailored advice. You can make an appointment via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or use the contact page.

Lockforce is an approved PKWV company

As an official PKVW company, we are approved and trained for the installation of PKVW locks. The certification of PKWV companies is monitored by CB&V - Lockforce fully complies with the conditions for PKVW certification as defined by CB&V.

We have been certified for the following services:

  • Security advice in conformity with the PKWV certificate
  • Delivery of PKVW locks
  • Checking of PKVW locks installed by the home owner
  • Checking whether a home meets the requirements for the PKWV Security certificate
  • Issuing the certificate when the requirements are met.

The recommendation by Lockforce is given by a qualified burglary prevention advisor. The checking of locks installed by the home owner is carried out a qualified inspector.

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